How to shorten a bracelet on a watch

How to shorten a metal bracelet at home. To tame the obstinate bracelet, we need:

  • an awl .. a paper clip will do (see my video below)
    pliers or tweezers;
  • any metal object with a cavity (such as a nut).

How to disassemble the watch bracelet:

  1. if your bracelet is held on springs, then you can first separate the watch itself from the bracelet to make it easier to work
  2. we drive an awl (or a paper clip bent in the form of a poker) into the sides of the _thin_ end of the hairpin (see the video below, where I show in detail how to find the thin end)
  3. when it seemed 2-3 mm – we pull out the hairpin with pliers
  4. the second section is easier to remove – for this you can use not a “poker”, but our hairpin 🙂 repeat points 2 and 3.
  5. remove the extra segment and assemble everything in reverse order. Please note that you need to insert the _thin_ end first (sometimes there are arrows on the watch straps).

Voila! More about the iron bracelet on the watch in the video:

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