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How to lose weight for summer

Today I’ll tell you what helps me look like a slender reed every summer when I eat my sides and belly during the winter. I traditionally gain 5-7 kg for the winter, like a bear I save fat for the … Continue reading

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How to learn to ride a ripstik? – Lesson #2 – ripstik, waveboard, rollersurf, two wheel skate

The Ripstick or Casterboard isn’t just a board on two wheels… it’s a convenient vehicle; excellent trainer; a stylish projectile that will emphasize your individuality. In addition, it is a relatively safe projectile. You can’t accelerate to dangerous speeds on … Continue reading

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Caster board – #1 / Introduction – Ripstik, Waveboard, Vigorboard, Rollersurf, two wheel skateboard..

We are starting a new series of tutorial videos dedicated to Casterboard: Caster board, Ripstik, Waveboard, Vigorboard, Rollersurf, two-wheeled skateboard.. No matter how they call this innovative sports equipment. It is more correct to call it the same way as … Continue reading

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