Caster board – #1 / Introduction – Ripstik, Waveboard, Vigorboard, Rollersurf, two wheel skateboard..

We are starting a new series of tutorial videos dedicated to Casterboard:

Caster board, Ripstik, Waveboard, Vigorboard, Rollersurf, two-wheeled skateboard.. No matter how they call this innovative sports equipment. It is more correct to call it the same way as the creators called it – caster board. A “caster” is the suspension on which the wheel is held, hence the name “casterboard”. However, so far in Russia this sport is only gaining popularity and there is no single name. Therefore, we will also call this shell differently, while trying to use the “casterboard” more often.

By riding a ripstik, you increase your endurance, strength of your legs, abs and back, develop balance and coordination of movements. The casterboard does not go very fast, but turns very well, which allows you to perform outlandish tricks and at the same time avoid falls at high speed, which is good not only for the rider, but also for passers-by. Unlike a skateboard, you don’t have to push off with your foot when moving; you ride due to the fact that you are repelled by your mass.

A casterboard is more than just a board on two wheels… it’s a convenient means of transportation; excellent trainer; a stylish projectile that will emphasize your individuality.

In addition, it is a relatively safe projectile. You can’t accelerate to dangerous speeds on it, and when driving down hills, you can brake with maneuvers; in case of danger, you can always jump. Waveboarding will help you keep fit and improve your balance.

Summing up, it is worth saying that rollersurfing is a new sports trend that is beginning to actively gain momentum. Ripstick skating is becoming more and more popular among girls and women, as it allows you to work out different muscle groups well and skating is not as traumatic as on a regular skateboard.

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