How to learn to ride a ripstik? – Lesson #2 – ripstik, waveboard, rollersurf, two wheel skate

The Ripstick or Casterboard isn’t just a board on two wheels… it’s a convenient vehicle; excellent trainer; a stylish projectile that will emphasize your individuality. In addition, it is a relatively safe projectile. You can’t accelerate to dangerous speeds on it, and when driving down hills you can

brake with maneuvers; in case of danger, you can always jump. Waveboarding will help you keep fit and improve your balance.

Rollersurfing is a new sport that is starting to gain momentum. Ripstick skating is becoming more and more popular among girls and women, as it allows you to work out different muscle groups well, and skating is not as traumatic as on a regular skateboard.

We show how to learn to ride a two-wheeled ripstik, a lesson for a beginner. How to stand on a ripstik, how to keep your balance. While riding Poklonka in Moscow, we noticed that people on waveboards were just beginning to appear. Until now, they are looking at us with surprised eyes, asking how it is possible to ride a two-wheeled skateboard and not fall. We decided to make a video lesson and show the technique of riding a casterboard. To get started, you’ll need a friend to hold your hand. this is the easiest way to start in order to feel the balance and not fall on the pavement with your nose. In half an hour to an hour of training, you will be able to drive in a straight line, turn and do simple tricks.

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