How to lose weight for summer

Похудела на 5 кг

Today I’ll tell you what helps me look like a slender reed every summer when I eat my sides and belly during the winter. I traditionally gain 5-7 kg for the winter, like a bear I save fat for the cold season. And as soon as spring comes, a healthy transformation of my body begins. I’m not trying to lose weight on purpose – I think this is the most important key to success in any business! Try to be better than you were yesterday, not better than some person on the Internet! After all, being slim and fit is good for your health and well-being.

Key ideas to lose weight in a healthy way:

  • Morning – yogurt with cereal and fruit;
  • Lunch – a piece of meat / fish with vegetables;
  • Dinner – fruits and vegetables, greens;
  • Instead of sweet (buns, cake, chocolate) – fruits!
  • Chocolate and other sweets can be eaten for breakfast once a week;
  • Do you want to eat? Have a glass of water. Food – two or three times a day, no need to snack often!
  • In order not to want to eat between breakfast and lunch, dinner – do something very interesting without food (watch a movie, write a book);
  • Every day – exercise and walk for at least an hour a day;
  • Start walking, riding a bike – instead of an elevator, car, bus;
  • The last meal of the day is 4 hours before bedtime.

This is how the extra pounds come off. To prevent your body from looking like a deflated balloon, you need to move more. Sign up for a pool or dance class. Bicycle rides in the park and the city, sports section, exercises on the horizontal bar! All this can be organized with a minimal budget – squats, press exercises, push-ups (all this can be done at home for free), a horizontal bar costs a couple of thousand rubles, a bicycle can be bought for 10 thousand or even cheaper. It just seems that for a sporty and slim figure you need to spend a lot of time and money, in reality it’s enough to eat moderately, engage in some kind of physical activity for at least 15 minutes a day and walk in the fresh air for an hour or two (ride a bike, rollers, etc.).

Healthy breakfast

Proper nutrition is 30% of success. People get used to snacking on chips, chocolates, buns. And you just need to buy more fruits, berries, vegetables. Cereals, nuts, yogurt, sour milk. There is not much point in diets, because you create stress for yourself – this is impossible, then it is impossible. Diet is sometimes necessary for health reasons, but as long as you are healthy, you should not bother with diets. It is better to learn to eat always at about the same time, eat small portions so that after eating there is a feeling of lightness. When you feel full, but you can eat something else, it’s time to stop. We do not need too much food for a healthy and active life. After eating, the stomach should not swell, you should not want to sleep. On the contrary, after eating, if you eat properly and not too much, you will feel a surge of energy, you will want to do something, go somewhere. Be slim and healthy!

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