How to assemble furniture – self-assembly of furniture for home and office

Our motto: eyes are afraid – hands do! However, you need to correctly assess your strengths:


Firewood and furniture are close entities if the furniture is poorly assembled.

There are three main types of materials from which furniture is made:

  1. Chipboard. It’s 80% of furniture in Russia is made of 🙂
  2. MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is a medium density fibreboard. Twice as expensive as DSI, and stronger.
  3. And Her Majesty is Woody… Wood furniture is the most pleasant and the easiest to work with.

Now an important rule: if the furniture is very expensive (mahogany :D) – call a pro-assembler. If he messes up, he will answer for the mows. If you kill an expensive headset… It will be sad.

Furniture assembly tool:

  1. Screwdrivers (flat and cross). Hexagon. Sometimes a tool (especially a hex wrench) is included, but your own is always more convenient.
  2. Rubber mallet. No need to use a hammer to fit furniture! In extreme cases, the palm or fist.
  3. Screwdriver with drill bits for wood. Often they buy 2 batteries at once when buying – this is pretty useless for household necessities, unless you are assembling a kitchen. One is enough for me.
  4. Level – Align everything. And save the cardboard – put it under the legs of the cabinet.
  5. Drill. Fasten furniture to the walls, hang shelves. And grab the fastener 🙂
  6. Optional: Furniture stapler. It happens to be useful. Such a thing is inexpensive, about 500 r.

How to assemble furniture:

  • It is important to open the brought boxes with furniture and its parts as early as possible in order to check the jambs. It is advisable to do this on the day of delivery. I often encountered a situation where the build was delayed for several days and eventually paid for it (see the next paragraph)
  • First of all, carefully check all walls, edges, etc. If suddenly you brought furniture, and it is damaged – immediately return the goods. Even if the joint looks small, it is better to play it safe. For example, if the edge is damaged, harmful substances may be released from the chipboard incision. If there is something missing in the kit – screws, for example, call immediately, say the batch number, they should help.
  • before assembling furniture. It is always important that there is plenty of space and light. Clean everything around, put additional lighting if there is not enough light.
  • Check that the dimensions of the room correspond to the dimensions of the furniture (if the ceiling is low; for example, the cabinet may not stand up if it is lifted from the end; then you will have to assemble “on weight”).
  • Assembly start. First you need to sort the parts. Screws, screws, washers – put everything in piles and at the same time check the completeness. You can also mark the parts with an erasable (carefully!) Pencil, if not laziness.
  • It is best to assemble furniture together. Especially if it’s something bigger and heavier. A wife is a furniture assembler’s best friend! )
  • We assemble furniture only according to the instructions! No self-activity. Even the most structurally simple bedside tables manage to assemble incorrectly. If suddenly during the assembly process you encounter a problem, call the company and ask how you should be. You must be consulted by specially trained people.
  • Remember to tighten the screws and screws from different directions, in several approaches. Then you will avoid skew and will not need to make great efforts to twist. And you don’t have to drag
  • The most responsible thing is working with fragile parts. Glasses, mirrors .. Remember that you DO NOT need to tighten them to a crunch. Even if it doesn’t crunch, it may crunch later. Twist extremely gently, as if cherishing a small child.
  • Door adjustment, hinges. This is a separate art. The main thing here is meditation and calmness. If you are exhausted or angry – take a break, no need to rush.
  • Be mindful of surface treatment. If you cut a hole for a sink, be sure to treat the cut with silicone! How many countertops were ruined by negligent assemblers…
  • And finally: furniture can be painted. Before that, we sand and primer. Any, the most daring colors – everything is available and realistic to do. You are limited only by your imagination.
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