My favorite glass

I have been looking for my lilac glass cup on the market for a long time, because I really liked it – right now I drink white tea from it. In general, a metamorphosis has recently occurred to me in terms of views on dishes. If in childhood I drank tea exclusively from large cups with three-dimensional drawings. Now I prefer translucent dishes – glass, ceramics.

And then I found it – my love began to be sold on the Internet !

What is the feature of this glass:

  • the optimal volume is about 400 ml;
  • embossed surface, comfortable to hold;
  • the color is not banal – lilac glass;
  • a combination of a simple faceted glass and patterns;
  • the glass is moderately heavy, stable;
  • there is a sense of craftiness – handmade.

This year I constantly drink water from this glass. It looks very cool on the video – it transmits light, shines a little, shimmers. Creates a sense of style and comfort. Not too formal, not too frilly. Simplicity goes hand in hand with modern chic. Rococo combined with everyday earthiness.

If the glass becomes dirty, it is immediately not only visible, but also felt. The glass becomes cloudy and sticks to the hands a little. About once a week I wash my glass of soap thoroughly. And he again shines with his facets and patterns. For me, as a blogger, this is definitely a godsend! That’s why I was so happy when I found my glass on the Internet.

What is your favorite glass/cup?

PS: Where I got my glass from can be seen here:


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