Paint the walls in chroma key and bluescreen

When we were renovating an apartment that was supposed to be a video studio, we decided to paint the walls green and blue to make chromakey and bluescreen to cut out the background on the video. We came to the repair paint shop, where you could choose ready-made paint or mix any shade you wanted. We looked through the catalog and found two colors that we thought would be great for video production – a bright pure green and a rich blue:

Green chroma key paint – Dulux Bindo 7, Color 30GY 34/600, base BC WY2 212 WG1 18 WW1 54.1

Blue paint for bluescreen – Dulux Bindo 7, Color 70BG 24/380, Base WG1 8.5, WB1 80, WW1 195.8

Blue walls in the interior are an original idea. It may seem that blue is too bright a color to paint walls with. But in fact, it all depends on the other colors (furniture, floor, ceiling) and the shade of blue. There are warmer, colder, tense or relaxing. You can make the color muted, or you can choose a bright shade. And the feeling of blue in the house will vary. Here are some examples of how you can fit blue walls into your home design:

Paint the walls or wallpaper? If you’re thinking about making a chroma key and/or a bluescreen, the question is, should you choose bright wallpaper or paint the walls? We’ve been thinking about this too, looking for the right wallpaper and found that finding paint in the right color is a lot easier than finding bright green/blue ready-made wallpaper. We chose the option: glue white paper wallpapers, and paint them on top with the desired shade. In this case, there is an additional leveling of the wall surface and the paint lays down very smoothly.

Blue and green walls in the interior do not put pressure on the psyche and do not irritate. We have been living with such walls for more than 5 years, and vice versa, there is a feeling of comfort, positive and relaxation. Our green is not too bright, it is a little warm and very joyful. This is the color of fresh spring grass, in a green room it’s great not only to shoot videos with a chroma key, but also to relax. The blue room turned out to be even better in terms of video – the bluescreen is cut very accurately, it is less affected by lighting, even with the light from the window, sometimes excellent results are obtained. The color is also warm, great for sleeping and relaxing.

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