Repair in the apartment – notes and mistakes

Initial data – a two-room apartment in a half-killed state, old tiles and plumbing on the walls in the bathroom. Linoleum on the ceiling. The toilet has bare walls. Throughout the apartment, old wallpaper is glued on the ceiling and walls, linoleum on the floor. We had a task to make a complete cosmetic renovation of all premises. In the bathroom, we decided to do white tiles with white grout, which turned out to be a very cool idea. Install a new bath. Washing machine. And choose all the bathroom furniture from wood. After 5 years of use, the bathroom looks like new, the wood has not deteriorated. We always keep the door to the bathroom open so that moisture does not accumulate there. Of the errors in the bath, it is worth noting the low-quality border between the bath and the wall – we chose a plastic one that is attached to silicone. Doesn’t look very neat. And we did not like how they did the bottom under the bathroom – an uncomfortable base was built, access to the pipes was complicated.

In the toilet, we decided not to lay tiles, but to make walls for painting. The color chosen is white, like the new toilet itself. The walls throughout the apartment, except for the kitchen, we decided to make also for painting. And in the kitchen – washable wallpaper. Stretch ceilings everywhere, including the bathroom. We chose plain white wallpapers for painting, painted them on top. It turned out that this solution was very cool – we really liked the walls, and there are no problems with white paint on the walls, since we have pets and children, and we ourselves are very neat people. The main mistakes in the repair concerned minor flaws – for example, the floor itself was not ideally cleaned under the floor covering, small bumps crawled out later.

The most important thing we learned about the renovation:

  • you need to hire different people (teams) for different areas of work,
    do not take one team for everything, because as a result, it is more difficult for you to
  • track the quality of intermediate work,
  • divide all works into parts and take each part separately and pay for it.

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