The recipe for Olivier salad (Russian Salad) is a Soviet classic!

What Russian doesn’t love Olivier salad – the main dish on every holiday table! Olivier has become the most popular Russian salad, in other countries this dish is called “Russian Salad”. Unlike borscht, which everyone cooks in his own way, Olivier is a more versatile dish, where the main ingredients are strictly calibrated.

Olivier is among the top 10 most popular salads in the world. The original was invented in the 1860s by Lucien Olivier, chef of the popular Moscow restaurant Hermitage.


  • potatoes (6 medium)
  • carrots (5 medium)
  • eggs (4-5 pcs.)
  • green peas (1 jar)
  • pickled cucumbers (1 jar)
  • cooked sausage (600 g)
  • onions (1 large onion; cut into fresh salad if you like it with onions)
  • ground black pepper (for dressing)
  • mayonnaise (for dressing)
  • black Borodinsky bread (as an appetizer)


The salad is surprisingly easy to make: first, we boil all the vegetables and eggs in one common pot. Take out the eggs after 5-9 minutes of cooking and put them in cold water, so that it is easier to clean them later. The vegetables are boiled until tender. Then let the vegetables cool at room temperature (if you are making the salad in winter, you can put them outside to cool down faster).

When all the ingredients are at room temperature, slice the vegetables, cucumbers, sausage and eggs into cubes. Add onions if desired, but we like them without onions. Try to cut vegetables, cucumbers and sausage into 1×1 cm cubes. Mix the ingredients in a pot or basin, as the salad turns out quite a lot, for the whole family. Pour off the liquid from a can of green peas and add them to the salad. Everything is mixed carefully, not too much, so as not to turn the salad into mush.

The part of the ready salad that is going to be served to the table, dress it with mayonnaise and add the secret ingredient – a little ground black pepper. It is necessary to serve the salad with black borodinsky bread.

Bon appetit!

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