Types of wooden beam for building house

A wooden timber beam is a natural modern material for building a house there are different types of wooden beams, let me help you understand this variety, there are three main types of wooden beams: solid, profiled and glued.

Let’s start with a solid beam, it looks like a piece of wood cut off from four sides, you can see such a square or a rectangle. Solid beam is also called non-profiled because all sides of it more or less smooth and have such a solid edge. Such material produced from a round tree and they cut off the protruding round parts from it and got such cut bars.

A solid non-profiled wood has a number of advantages, firstly it is a very cheap material one of the cheapest among wood it is easy to find it because it is made literally everywhere. Also it is very easy to build with this material and in itself it is light. You can rely on fast delivery of solid wooden beam. And the house turns out to be breathable and natural.

But there are also disadvantages: firstly, a single-piece solid beam has high humidity because it is not dried, so the house deforms quite strongly during shrinkage and the timber itself can also change its geometry.

Now let’s have a look at the second option, this is a profiled wooden beam. Its edges are not smooth, there are certain notches, and thanks to these slots the wooden bars are inserted one into the other like a constructor. The profile shape can be made differently, there can be one spike or several spikes, you can create a comb so that one block of the other is inserted very rigidly. Or for example, the last option is now very popular called the Finnish profile; it is often used in frame houses.

Profiled wood combines all the same advantages that ordinary solid one, but it also has additional features of a tighter fit blocks and because of this, less deformation house over time. If the profiled wood is average as a price category, then the glued wood is already vip material.

Such bar is glued from several wooden boards. Special compounds are used for gluing that penetrate under pressure into the deepest pores of the wood, giving it a high margin of safety. The glued timber can also be profiled and then it acquires all the same additional properties as ordinary profiled wood.

This material is the most expensive of all types of wooden beams, complex projects are built from it and such house will stay in a good condition for many years. Houses from glued wood do not crack and almost do not shrink, which is very cool and beautiful.

Higher performance is more expensive. If a solid wooden beam can be bought for a very attractive low price per cubic meter, then the most expensive material is literally vip glued wood from larch dried in a chamber can cost more than small house itself.

The main problem with cheap wood is that it gradually dries out and shrinks. The house may change its size in 10 centimeters or even more.

Ordinary profiled wood costs affordable price and has good characteristics, so house will shrink less and be more durable.

Write in the comments which type of wood you are about to choose for building your house and why.

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