Do I need to wash new bedding?

Have you bought new bed linen, can it be put on right away or does it need to be washed before use? This question plagues millions of people. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons. Go.

Arguments FOR washing new bedding:

  • it is not known where and how this linen was sewn, on what floor it was lying, and whose hands touched it before the linen got into a beautiful package;
  • linen is dusty, contains fresh paint and chemical residues to give the linen a shiny presentation.

Arguments AGAINST washing new bedding:

  • a modern sewing workshop is kept clean, linen is sewn neatly and does not roll on the floor;
  • linen before packaging is passed through high-temperature steam (washed??) for disinfection before packaging;

Obviously, the above arguments against washing clothes come from a belief in 1) the integrity of the manufacturer and 2) its immunity. After all, we do not wash new clothes, new towels, new carpets and upholstered furniture? So why, then, wash bedding, which is usually sold in tight packaging?

We don’t buy new bed linen very often in our family, so I don’t remember if we washed before or not. Now we bought a new set and also thought about this issue. Thought and thought and decided not to wash. I asked my parents, they don’t do laundry either.

How are you doing it and why?

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