How often do you clean floor at home?

Cleaning the house is the most important way of meditation, relaxation and self-reflection, I love washing floors and dusting, because you immediately see the result of your work, make the world around you cleaner and at the same time spend time usefully. You can think about life, study your house and think about improving it, do some light exercises. When I asked my friends how often they clean the breakwaters at home, I was always surprised by the range of answers – from daily wet cleaning to monthly, or even “never” (such as why wash the floor when you can just vacuum). I decided to combine all my experience in this post to tell not only how often I clean the floor, but also by what means, to share life hacks.

First, on the topic of frequency: I mop the floor about once a week. If the house is especially dusty after a big cleaning or for another reason, then I can wash it out of turn. When I was busy, I washed the floor once a month. But no less.

Secondly, about the tools: until I tried a modern mop (I have a folding mop with interchangeable bases, it costs 5 thousand), I could not even think that washing the floor would be a thrill. I use a 10 liter bucket. Before a professional mop, I washed the floor with just a wet cloth with my hands, it was hellish, but I still liked it.

Thirdly, about household chemicals: after living in Holland, I adopted their local feature of using a lot of specialized household chemicals for all occasions, and so it turned out that there are special products for washing the floor, they are sold in liquid form in jars with different smells, my favorite is “coniferous forest”.

Fourth, about the technology of washing the floor: I pour half a bucket of hot water (~ 5 l), pour a full capful of detergent for my type of floors into it, fold the mop and mix the product with it, at the same time wet the mop in the solution; I slowly and carefully move the mop in the direction of “laying” the floor, when it starts to crawl worse, I collect dirt and go to wash the mop in a bucket. For one room, I wet the mop 5-6 times. As soon as the water in the bucket darkens, I pour it into the toilet and refill half the bucket with a cap of the product. 3-4 buckets are enough for the entire two-room apartment. By the way, a fun fact, in two years of using a mop, I have never changed its base, I just wash it every time with soap after cleaning.

How often do you clean your floors at home? What do you use?

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