Review of my yarn: Alize, winter and autumn Pekhorka

Like any beginner knitter, I bought myself a whole box of yarn. In this post I will share my impressions of each hank. Which yarn made you happy and which disappointed? I took a variety of yarn, chose from a photo on the Internet and also ordered online. In fact, you don’t always get what you expect if you don’t see the yarn live.


I have two yarns to compare – mohair from Alize Classic and gray mohair from Camtex. I liked the gray Kamtex more to the touch, softer, but climbs more strongly. Purple mohair Alize – more synthetic to the touch, but sheds much less, the color is very bright and stylish! Mohair, especially natural, is a warm yarn for the winter! Runs great and doesn’t wobble. A big minus of mohair is that pieces of “wool” climb like from a cat. Washing things from mohair is a big hassle, only hand wash.

Alize My Baby – 100% acrylic

I took skeins of Alize My Baby yarn because of the pleasant color. The yarn was thinner than I expected and the color is slightly different. It looks darker in the photo than in real life. The blue color reminds me of my childhood – I had things of a similar color. Blue without intricacies – simple bright blue. Now this shade is in vogue! This yarn is acrylic, so you can knit something from it for spring-summer. I took it for jewelry, because making woolen necklaces – the neck will be worn out.

Yarn from Trinity “Derevenka” Pastoral 100% wool

This woolen yarn from Troitsk was given to me by Igroglaz’s mother. In appearance, it is minimalistic, dense and very warm. The thread is tightly twisted, the yarn itself is prickly like a real felt boot. It is cool to knit winter mittens from woolen yarn so that my hands do not freeze – just under I put on another light soft gloves. I liked the yarn, especially the composition!

Cotton yarn Alize Cotton Gold Hobby

Quite inexpensive cotton yarn Alize Cotton Gold Hobby surprised, firstly, with volume – they brought a huge package with 5 skeins. Secondly, the color was very different from my expectations – the shade is more dusty and lighter, it looks more like a dusty rose than fuchsia. And the shade is rather not warm, but closer to cold. The thread is pretty thin. Feels super soft!

Pekhorka Winter premiere 50% merino wool

One of the most pleasant flowers for me is camelina – Pehorka Winter Premiere. Super soft medium weight yarn – warm enough to make a winter hat or scarf. Knitting is a pleasure, I will definitely order this yarn again. Suitable for knitting needles of 5 diameters, it does not prick at all, it comes in three skeins at once.

Pekhorka Autumn 25% wool

The thickest thread so far is my new olive pekhorka autumn yarn. Two hats are already knitted – a complete thrill from knitting! The thread is thick for 8 needles. Due to the volumetric acrylic, the thread is plump and springy, it can be knitted very tightly, or it can be very large viscous. Hats are soft and cozy. Even a regular 1×1 elastic band looks interesting and voluminous. One skein was enough for two elongated hats, and the kit comes with two skeins!

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